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All About Giorgio Caiterzi

Getting Better Together

I am a dedicated and accomplished Osteopath with a rich history of experience in sports therapy, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. Holding a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.M.ROI PhD) from the Italian Osteopathic College, I have consistently demonstrated a passion for holistic healthcare and optimizing athlete performance. My career has encompassed a range of esteemed roles, including serving as the Head Therapist for the Canada National Volleyball Team, where I provided specialized osteopathic care to enhance athletes' physical condition and overall well-being.

My contributions extend to elite sports organizations such as the Fortitudo Pallacanestro Bologna basketball team, where I served as the Osteopath Doctor, delivering personalized treatments to support injury prevention and recovery. Furthermore, my journey includes an influential tenure as an Osteopathic Doctor for Cesena Calcio A.C., a prominent Italian soccer team, where I played an integral role in maintaining players' peak physical conditions across various league seasons.

I have had the honor of contributing my expertise to high-profile sporting events, including serving as a Personal Osteopath at the XX Olympic Winter Games in Torino (2006), the XXIX Olympic Games in Beijing (2008), the XXX Olympic Games in London (2012), and the 1st European Olympic Games in Baku (2015). Additionally, I have served as a National Italian Team's Osteopathic Doctor at multiple UCI World Championships in cycling.

My commitment to advancing the field is evident through my role as a teacher of 'Kinesiology Taping Therapy' and my participation as a presenter at international conferences focused on innovative approaches to sports rehabilitation.

My influence extends beyond individual athlete care as I am also the owner of 'Fisiolab Cesena' and 'FisioFit Cesena' clinics, where I lead a team of dedicated professionals to provide comprehensive care encompassing injury prevention, rehabilitation, and posture analysis.

With my dynamic blend of practical experience, advanced certifications, and a proven track record of excellence, I am well-prepared to make a meaningful impact in healthcare environments that prioritize athlete wellness and performance optimization.

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