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Giorgio Caiterzi    Welcomes You

Hands-On Treatment


First Osteopathic Appointment

Includes biomechanical and global general assessment, Valutation and treatment that include technique combinations most appropriate to the client, such as manual treatment (ie. osteopathic), myofascial and neural release,  Cranio Sacral and education.  Please book this for initial consultation. 

Follow Up

This booking is for appointments after the initial visit and assessment

Cranio Sacral Osteopathic Treatment

Cranio Sacral Osteopathy is a non-invasive therapy. Using light touches, Osteopathic Practitioners assess the quality of the patients' Cranial Rhythm and compare it to what they consider to be a normal rhythm, they can then understand the state of the patient's body and how well it is functioning. During a session the Osteopathic Practitioner will delicately mobilize with light touches the cranial, spinal and sacral bones in order to restore the cranial rhythm, boost blood circulation and drain lymph and sinus fluids in the head

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My Story

Movement for Life

Giorgio has worked as an osteopathic practitioner since 2005 and is a member of Osteopathy B.C. He brings extensive knowledge of sports injuries to Physica Health, having worked with several professional teams, in numerous Olympic events, and with a breadth of track & field athletes and BMX mountain bikers. Giorgio started his studies in Italy, first by becoming a physiotherapist then undertaking a six-year osteopathy program.


1998.          | Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy at Bologna (ITA) University

2000-2004 | Serie A (Italian Basketball First League) Head Therapist - Fortitudo Pallacanestro Bologna

2003.          | NBA, Detroit Pistons Osteopath, treating NBA players such as Carlos Delfino and Marco Belinelli

2001-2007  | Doctor of Osteopathy Italian Osteopathic College, Bologna, Italy

2000 - Ongoing  | Taping and KinesioTaping Teacher for multiple courses 

2006           | Turin Winter Olympic Games Osteopathic services, Italian Ski and Snowboard National Team

2006 - 2017| Italian Cycling National Team - BMX - Cross Country - Trial - Downhill - Physio/Osteopath

2009-2017  | Serie A (Italian Soccer First League) Team Osteopath for Cesena AC and soccer players fromLazio,

                       Roma,Juventus, Inter and Milan.

2008           | Beijing Olympic Summer Games Osteopathic services, Italian National Cycling Team

2012           | London Olympic Summer Games Osteopathic services, Italian National Cycling Team

2015           | Baku European Olympic Games Osteopathic services, Italian National Cycling Team

2016-2018  | Canadian Women National Volleyball Team -  Head Therapist/Osteopathic Practitioner

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